Bride calls out wedding guest over his ‘awful’ mid-reception behavior: ‘[He] ruined my dress’

A bride became furious after a wedding guest destroyed her gown. 

The guest’s plus one left her totally stunned when he lifted her up. In the process, he ripped the lace trim off of her dress. The bride isn’t sure what she should do, so she shared her story on Reddit’s “Wedding” forum.

“Someone’s plus one ruined my dress and completely overstepped boundaries,” she wrote. “During our live band’s performance of ‘All the Small Things,’ everyone was rocking and dancing, and this man decided to come out of the crowd, grab me around the waist and lift me in the air and spin me. 

“I was shocked and seriously stunned that a random person like this would think it’s OK to go up to the bride and LIFT her in the air and spin her around! I just was stunned and honestly wanted to be put down!

“Hubby was taking pics with his groomsmen. Otherwise, he would have said something,” she explained. “After that, the night was a blur, and I didn’t even tell him [until] the next day. As he lifted me, he, of course, stepped on the front of my dress and tore the entire front lace trim off.

“I am not even sure how to repair lace or if they even can. It completely ruined my memory of the song and moment. I felt completely violated [by] this man lifting me and basically holding me up and spinning me and destroying my beautiful lace dress.”

Redditors felt the bride deserved an apology at the very least. 

“That’s awful! I hope he apologized to you!” someone commented

“I would be absolutely livid if this happened,” another wrote

“Totally unacceptable behavior, especially if you didn’t even know this person,” a person said

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