Man reaches breaking point over wife’s ‘ridiculous’ babysitting job: ‘She needs to get a reality check’

A man doesn’t want his wife babysitting at home on nights and weekends anymore.

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. His wife is a stay-at-home mom, but her side hustle is babysitting for extra spending cash. The problem is that she lets the children she babysits occupy all of her free time and run amok throughout the house. 

“My wife is a stay-at-home mom,” the man wrote. “We have three kids. She babysits some kids on the side for some extra cash and to pay for the groceries. I pay all the other bills. The problem is they are destroying my house and my kids’ toys and leaving messes everywhere. I have been trying to get the house clean, but it seems like I just can’t make any progress.”

“She was a server before we got married, so a lot of the kids we watch are her old coworkers’ kids. But this means nights and weekends, and I’m expected to help on nights and weekends. Lately, she’s been taking off every Saturday with my daughter and leaving me behind to watch my 2-year-old son (12-year-old goes to dad’s most weekends).”

He finally became frustrated with the babysitting and called his wife out.

“Why can’t I join mom and daughter on their outings?” he asked. “Because I have to stay home and wait for her friend to drop off her kid, babysit said kid, and then my wife gets the money at the end of the night. My income is enough to pay all the bills, but it’s not enough to support the lifestyle she wants, so she needs to pull in a few bucks.”

“I feel like I’m missing out on time that I’m never going to get back because our weekends don’t belong to us anymore. I’m also beyond frustrated spending almost every Saturday targeting a room for cleaning. Last night, I finally lost it. I had a breakdown and told her that I hate the daycare, it’s ruining my house and my life, and I can’t take it anymore. We haven’t spoken since.”

Redditors thought the wife needed to assess her priorities. 

“If her lifestyle is wanting more than what she needs, she needs to get a reality check. It’s ridiculous,” a user said

“It’s time to quit being a doormat and lay down some boundaries,” someone wrote

“She isn’t running a childcare business. She’s running a kids’ party every day of the week,” another said.

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