Husband thinks wife is ‘sabotaging’ his cooking because she’s ‘jealous’ kids like it more: ‘That would infuriate me’

A man is fed up with his wife ruining his home-cooked meals. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. His wife of 15 years has never been a great cook. Whenever he has the time, he handles the cooking responsibilities. Recently, he was roasting pork shoulder for a special poutine he makes. The process normally takes eight hours.

But because his wife was in a hurry to eat, she decided to “help.” She microwaved fries and dumped the pork on top. However, it wasn’t ready yet, which made the entire poutine soggy. 

He thanked her for helping but asked her not to help with the meals again. She called him ungrateful. 

“I know she gets jealous when the kids eat my roasted potatoes with mixed roast veggies with gusto but leave half her boiled vegetables on their plates,” he explained

The issue was that even after he offered to help her cook and gave her simple recipes, she seemed uninterested in learning. 

“I am getting really upset now. It is like she is sabotaging my meals on purpose now,” he said

Redditors empathized with the husband here. 

“As someone who loves to cook that would INFURIATE me,” a person wrote

“I really can’t understand your wife. I wish my husband could cook to take the burden off me but from two evils we chose the minor one and that’s me cooking,” another said

“All she needs to do is understand that your cooking is important to you and that you want to do it yourself,” someone commented

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