Husband demands wife pay him 30% of her paycheck since she works from home: ‘This marriage is over’

A woman can’t believe her husband is charging her money to work from home

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Before she met her husband, he bought a two-bedroom home. He considers it “his property,” which she doesn’t mind. There’s no mortgage to be paid, but they split all the bills, and she does all the household chores. 

When she got a work-from-home job two months ago, she started working from the spare bedroom.

“All was going fine with my job til he sat me down last night saying he’s expecting 30% ‘profit’ from whatever I get from my job since he ‘provides’ the office for my work,” she explained

Her husband explained that he could use the room for something else, so she should pay. 

“I yelled at him saying he won’t get a penny,” she wrote. “He pitched a fit and accused me of ‘taking full advantage’ even though there’s no mortgage to be paid.” 

“Start looking for a new place to live because this marriage is over. It’s just a financial agreement to him,” a user wrote

“Separate your money from his immediately,” a person said

“Keep doing the chores and bill him the same amount he would charge you for the office,” another suggested

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