Woman questions if boyfriend is cheating based on Instagram search: ‘It feels awfully sus’

A woman discovered that her boyfriend frequently interacts with a mystery woman on Instagram and wants to know if he might be cheating on her.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to ask readers if they think her boyfriend is cheating. She shared that, in addition to frequently searching for this mystery woman on Instagram, her boyfriend also texts with her frequently.

The woman began by explaining that, normally, her boyfriend tells her about everyone in his life.

“My boyfriend tries to be super open about things,” she explained. “Like explaining who people in his life are.”

However, the woman explained that she recently discovered one girl who her boyfriend clearly interacts with a lot, but has never mentioned.

“[A] few things have happened to make me worried,” she wrote. 

First, “She’s his #1 [most] engaged [with] person on [Instagram],” she shared. “Her story will come up before mine.”

Second, she continued, “When I texted a photo to myself from his phone, she was the most recent (and/or frequent) person he’s talked with.”

Third, she wrote, “She is [his] most searched person on Instagram. When he searches for anything, her name is essentially pre-loaded in the search bar.”

And, finally, and perhaps most suspiciously, the woman wrote, “She likes all of his photos except the ones of he and I.”

The woman asked whether these things should be worrying to her. She noted that she feels guilty for feeling suspicious and is unsure of how to approach the issue with her boyfriend.

“It just makes me sad because sometimes he loves me so much,” she wrote. “He’s so dedicated and so committed.”

She concluded by noting that her boyfriend has a history of cheating on other partners. However, he has sworn not to cheat on her.

“For context, [he] has cheated on every partner with sexting,” the woman wrote. “Though he swears he is a different man and has spent a lot of time changing.”

“It feels awfully sus.”

Readers almost unanimously thought that the boyfriend was acting suspicious.

“Girl, if he tells you about everyone in his life to alleviate your concerns but does not tell you a word about the person he is clearly talking to most frequently on a day-to-day basis (including you), he is not being honest and forthcoming with you,” one reader wrote.

“It feels awfully sus,” commented another reader.

“Girl, plain and simple: he is cheating,” another reader chimed in.

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