Woman accused of being ‘selfish’ for skipping sister’s baby shower: ‘She doesn’t prioritise family’

A woman skipped her big sister Lola’s baby shower because it was on her birthday. But now, her family is furious. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She planned a day out with her fiancé and friends on her birthday months in advance. But three weeks before the date, she discovered that Lola scheduled the baby shower of her fourth child on the same day. 

She told Lola about the conflict of interest, but Lola got defensive and passive-aggressive. Lola accused her of not prioritizing family. 

“She told me I’m being selfish,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Lola told our parents about it and they got mad at me and demanded that I cancel my plans.”

The Reddit poster skipped Lola’s baby shower. Now, Lola has blocked her on everything. Her parents even want her to apologize to Lola. 

“Your sister had 22 years notice not to book that date, but I guess she doesn’t prioritise family,” a user wrote

“Pay her no mind. And good on you for sticking with your plans,” another said

“Why a mother of almost-four needs to stomp on her sister is beyond me,” a person commented

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