TikToker believes new puppy is her ‘reincarnated’ cat: ‘I think she sent him’

A woman is pretty sure her new puppy is the reincarnation of her late cat.

TikToker @imbrookeeee_lynn describes herself as “momma to the reincarnated cat-dog aka Chonk.” The pet owner said her cat Gigi recently passed away, leaving a “massive Gigi-sized hole in all our hearts.” Gigi was just four months old when she contracted a fatal case of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIPV), a feline coronavirus that infects cells in the abdomen, kidney or brain. 

After Gigi died, @imbrookeeee_lynn got a new puppy named Chonk. The dog even resembles Gigi with its brown, black and white fur. But it’s one particular behavior the two animals shared that convinced @imbrookeeee_lynn the cat and dog had a special connection. 

“When you bring home your new puppy, and he immediately goes for this spot,” she wrote. “I think she [Gigi] sent him.” 

Chonk went directly for a spot on the living room rug. He playfully nibbled at it with reckless abandon. Then the pet owner cut to footage of Gigi doing the exact same thing. Of course, it’s possible, if not more likely, Chonk just picked up Gigi’s scent, but him being Gigi reincarnated is a nice thought anyway. 

The touching video received over 7.6 million views on TikTok.

“That’s your little cat’s soul inside that puppy. No coincidences,” a user commented

“They say your pets that have passed on guide you to your new pet,” another wrote

“Kitty paws release pheromones. New pup smelled the favorite spot right away,” someone said

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