TikTok users are sharing the biggest relationship red flags they ignored

The newest trend on TikTok is to introduce yourself as the biggest relationship red flag you’ve ever ignored.

The trend seemingly started on Dec. 1 when user Zoe Bridges made a video saying, “I heard we’re introducing ourselves as the biggest red flag we ignored.”

She then went on to reveal the major “red flag” from her relationship, which was simply that her ex’s name was Jake.

Many people were equally bitter about all the Jakes in the world.

“If his name starts with a J, you run the h*ll away,” one user said.

“IT’S ALWAYS THE JAKES,” another added.

Bridges’ video set off a wave of responses from similarly scorned people who couldn’t wait to share the red flags they ignored.


#stitch with @3zoebridges ok this is a flex

♬ original sound – Jamie Manelis

One user named Jamie revealed that her ex-boyfriend was only ever able to perform in bed if she pretended she was dead.

“This might be a winner,” one user declared.


#stitch with @3zoebridges Hi! I’m my ex’s sister. by blood. nice to meet you. #FestiveFashion #redflag #fyp

♬ original sound – sweet zee

Another user who goes by @zeetlejuice had another horror story. Her ex had to pretend they were brother and sister in order to be turned on.

“And not just step!” she explained. “Real. Blood-related.”

Thankfully, @zeetlejuice clarified in the comments that he was an only child. At least there’s that!


#stitch with @3zoebridges emphasis on IGNORING ALL THESE RED FLAGS. Too many stories from college … #gay #college #date #fyp #fypシ #redflags

♬ original sound – Genevieve Vavance

User @bassikk shared that his ex got so drunk at a bar that he had to drag them into the house, where they then threw up everywhere and called him by their ex’s name.

“Yikes,” one person said. Yikes indeed.

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