Relax with Squirtle in this official Pokémon ASMR video

If you’ve been feeling stressed, the creators of Pokémon just released a relaxing new video with a special guest.

On August 13, the Pokémon Company uploaded “Squirtle’s Day at the Beach” on its official YouTube channel. It shows a tropical beach with the therapeutic sounds of waves rolling on the shore and a Squirtle who appears periodically to chase birds, build sand mounds and lounge on the water.

ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a sensation some people experience when exposed to certain mundane triggers. Most people who report having ASMR describe the sensation as a calming feeling washing over their bodies, followed by a pleasant tingling in the brain.

You may have experienced this yourself. It can manifest in quiet moments such as when a soft-spoken doctor is taking your blood pressure or hearing pens and pencils scribbling in a silent library.

Though ASMR has not yet been classified as a condition in any health sciences, it has spawned a booming genre on YouTube. Gentle Whispering, an ASMR channel maintained by Maria Viktorovna, has nearly 2 million subscribers tuning in to hear her whisper into her mic, role play as a barber and even roll lint.

“Squirtle’s Beach Day” is the latest in a series of ASMR videos the Pokémon Company has been rolling out since January 2020. 

In “Chespin’s Happy Snack Time”, a Chespin sits in front of the camera to eat a plate of cookies. While not explicitly labeled as an ASMR video, it was clearly made for the ASMR viewers who are triggered by chewing and crunchy noises. There was also “Charmander’s Fireside Slumber” for those who are triggered by sounds of nature, a Charmander falling asleep to the soothing crackling of his bonfire.

Nintendo, one of the three companies that has a joint investment in the Pokémon Company, has been experimenting with ASMR content since 2019 when it launched its Sights & Sounds series. The videos feature gamers playing their Switch in various tranquil settings such as a fireplace, a hiking trail, and yes, a beach.

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