Naturally remove stubborn acrylic nails with this simple argan oil hack that TikTok swears by

Acrylic nails are a super easy way to rock cute nails without any annoying chipping or messy polish. But getting them off is another story. 

While wearing press-ons should not cause damage to your nails, a poor removal process can. Normally, you have to file down the acrylics very carefully, then use harsh chemicals to deplete the adhesive. This can easily lead to over-filing, which can cause nails to become thin and brittle. Meanwhile, skin-irritating removers can lead to dryness and skin peeling. 

In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav discovered a TikTok hack that removes acrylics naturally and easily. Now, she’s ready to put it to the test. 

“This TikToker soaks her nails in warm water, soap and argan oil, and you can see the nails easily pop right off,” Phoebe says. “Here, I have a bowl of warm water mixed in with some hand soap and about 15 drops of argan oil.” 

Argan oil is a better alternative to your typical press-on remover because it benefits skin and nail health.

“Argan oil is said to help strengthen, moisturize and rejuvenate the nails and cuticles due to its high vitamin E count and its essential fatty acids,” she explains. 

Phoebe’s acrylics were about a week and a half old. They lost their original freshness and were ready to go. She let her nails soak in the mixture for only 10 minutes, and the method worked. 

“I proceeded to try to push them off, peel them ever-so-gently,” she says. “I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t taking part of my whole nail with me. I was very gentle, and it worked so well.” 

She recommends that if the acrylic nails are still a bit stubborn after 10 minutes, just soak them a little longer. 

“The more you soak it, the easier it will be,” Phoebe says. “This hack is In The Know approved. It totally worked, and my nails do not feel damaged or dry or anything. Just moisturize after. Put on a little cuticle oil if you have it.” 

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