How to do the Renaissance painting trend on TikTok

TikTokers are transforming into Renaissance paintings — but joining in on the trend takes a bit of savvy.

Odds are you’ve probably already seen the meme on your “For You” page. A TikTok user poses, classical music plays, and then a blue bar slowly drops down the screen to turn the user into a painting. As of publishing time, the #renaissance tag currently has over 273.3 million views thanks to the trend. 

Unfortunately, there’s no TikTok function that automatically generates these cool videos. Instead, you’ve got to use a few apps to look like one of Leonardo da Vinci’s finest.

How to do the “Renaissance trend” on TikTok:

You can follow Katarina Mogus’ TikTok tutorial or read the steps below. 

First, make a regular video using the Time Warp Scan filter on TikTok. Stay still in a posed position until the blue line reaches the bottom of the screen.

Next, save the video and take a screenshot of the final scene when the blue bar is at the bottom of the screen.

Upload the screenshot to PicsArt. To create your Renaissance image, use the edit feature to add Renaissance-era filters from the app to your photo. (PicsArt created a really easy tutorial demonstrating how to edit your photo to perfection.)

Once your edits are complete, open up the Videoleap app and upload the edited screenshot.

Next, layer the screenshot over the video. Be sure the screenshot stretches over the whole video.

Select the linear mask effect then hit play and pause as you make the mask follow the effect down.

Finally, upload your Renaissance video to TikTok and add the sound.

Who started the Renaissance trend? 

The original music was uploaded by Natalie Pienkawa, who also originated the trend. In December, Pienkawa turned into a painting featuring cherubic angels and TikTok users quickly followed suit.

User Victoria Valdez went viral with her rendition. She posed on a couch in a long white dress and fit almost seamlessly into the painting. Her video received a whopping 60 million views.

“Oh my god, this is angelic,” one person commented.

“This is elegant,” another said


absolutely the best trend i’ve ever participated in 🥰 #BRIDGERTON #TimeWarpScan #fyp Renaissance

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

Another user, @loserlyss, opted to include her cat in her painting, which made for some extra fun thanks to the kitty’s stunned expression.

“The cat looks like it saw a ghost,” someone wrote.

“How did the cat say so still,” another user joked.

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