Repurpose stale bread with these unique recipes

Let’s be honest — a lot of people probably have some stale bread in their cupboards. After all, bread is one of the most commonly wasted food items. However, instead of tossing old bread into the garbage, there are many ways to give that dry loaf a second chance at life. For a truly delicious way to help eliminate food waste, try these five unique recipes that repurpose stale bread.

1. Polpettes (Italian meatballs)

Transform stale bread into the perfect polpette, or Italian meatball, with this recipe. First, cut the bread into slices and soak them in water. In a separate bowl, mix ground beef, parmesan cheese, eggs and seasoning. Next, wring out the water from the bread, and add the shredded bits to the ground beef mixture. Once thoroughly mixed, roll the breaded beef mix into little balls. Finally, cook the meatballs in a pan, adding marinara sauce halfway through. Bon appétit!

2. Pita chips

For this recipe, the magic happens in an air fryer. Cut up stale pita bread, then toss the trimmings in the air fryer with some oil and salt. Don’t forget to give the pita chips an occasional toss while air frying. What started as a pile of stale pita bread is now a fresh batch of crispy pita chips. Don’t forget the homemade hummus dip!

3. French toast

Who doesn’t love a thick slice of French toast? To turn that stale loaf into French toast, soak the bread in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, salt, cinnamon and cardamon. Next, pan-fry the bread in butter, then pop it in the oven until it’s puffy. Top it off with Greek yogurt, macerated berries, mint leaves and a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. 

4. Pizza muffins


Got stale bread? Turn it into pizza muffins! #tiktokrecipes #HomeCooking #ramsayreacts @gordonramsayofficial

♬ Food – Densky9

Who knew you could make pizza using stale bread and a muffin tray? Mix toasted cubes of bread with eggs, mozzarella, seasonings and marinara sauce. Pour the blend in each muffin tray hole before topping with more sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Bake and enjoy!

5. Bread pudding


Easy homey recipe for my vegan or non-vegan friends; make stale bread into something surprisingly delicious! #homecook #foodontiktok #vegan #dessert

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This cozy fall recipe is the perfect way to top off a small evening rendezvous. TikToker @anomalydesign pours a custard made of whisked milk, butter, sugar, salt, vanilla extract and dark and white chocolate chips over stale pieces of bread. After one last sprinkle of chocolate chips, she bakes the mix until the custard has partially set and the edges have browned. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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