Rescuers share what a baby seal sounds like and it’s too cute

Sometimes we’re so familiar with how an animal looks we don’t realize we have no idea what it sounds like. Koalas, for example, have shockingly low voices that baffled scientists for years until they studied their unique vocal cords.

Canada’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre uploaded footage of a baby harbor seal named Blue to YouTube. The young creature’s voice actually sounds a bit like a cross between a human baby and a kitten. 

“She arrived at the rescue centre when she was estimated to be just about a week old,” the YouTube caption says. “She is still partially covered with lanugo, the white, very fine hair that covers a seal pup in the mother’s womb as it develops. She’s quite vocal and so pretty!”

In the video, the pup writhes around like any baby would in her small tub. She makes cooing noises that resemble a human child mewling and a cat meowing. It’s quite adorable.

YouTubers couldn’t help but notice how endearing baby Blue sounded.

“Your voice is as angelically beautiful as your face, Blue! You could easily win a worldwide animal singing competition!” one user wrote

“Beautiful! I hope she does well,” another said

“I burst my boyfriend’s ears with how loudly I squee’ed,” someone added

The rescuers brought Blue in due to dehydration and being underweight when she was discovered along Gabriola Island in Vancouver. The staff describe her as sassy, sweet and “quite wiggly during her feeds.” 

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre rehabilitates ocean-dwelling mammals like seals, otters and turtles so that they can be released back into the wild. If you would like to adopt Blue by funding her recovery or any of the other rescues be sure to give their website a visit

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