Restaurant customer sparks backlash after complaining about employee’s anti-racism T-shirt

A restaurant customer is sparking a wave of online backlash after publicly complaining about their server’s attire, which featured a “don’t be racist” T-shirt. 

The diner, who goes by the name Jason Lassiter on Facebook, shared his negative review following a meal at the Chowder House, a soup and sandwich shop in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Writing a review on the eatery’s Facebook page, Lassiter complained that his server’s outfit was not “professional” and that he didn’t need to see an employee’s “ideology plastered on a shirt.”

“This isn’t a professional shirt for work and will be the last time I visit your establishment,” Lassiter also wrote in his review, which has since been deleted. “I know my patronage alone won’t effect you but good luck with your social warrior campaign.”

The bad review came to light after the server in question, who goes by bryantinak on Twitter, shared a photo of the shirt they were wearing that day. Bryantinak originally wrote that their employers were mad about the outfit, but the mangers later clarified that they had misunderstood. 

“Someone complained about me wearing my favorite shirt today on our Facebook page, now I can’t wear it at work anymore,” the employee wrote

As it turns out, the Chowder House management was only angry at Lassiter, calling his review an “absurd complaint.” The restaurant also added that Bryantinak was free to continue wearing their T-shirt (which, in full, says: “hi. don’t be racist. thanks.”). 

The server shared a series of follow-up tweets as the situation developed, explaining that Lassiter was being “roasted” on Facebook before he deleted his post. Bryantinak’s original tweet has since garnered more than 100,000 likes. 

With the story continuing to gain traction, Bryantinak chimed in with one final update. In an act of support, the Chowder House decided to purchase a “don’t be racist” T-shirt for each of its staff members. 

The support went beyond the restaurant, too. Thousands of Twitter users also weighed in on the situation, with many praising the restaurant for its response. 

“Your boss is doing well. Kudos to y’all,” one user wrote

“This thread is everything that’s good in this world!! Congratulations to you and your employees!!! Bravo!!” another added

Others were simply critical of Lassiter’s review, calling his behavior “scummy” and “racist.”

“Lol ya cause ‘don’t be racist’ is a controversial statement. Glad he’s being roasted,” one commenter wrote

“That’s a lot of words for ‘I’m racist,’” another added.

Several commenters also asked how they could buy the T-shirt, a question Bryantinak responded to by sharing a link to the Etsy store where they bought it.  

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