Restaurant hacks that you’ll want to use in your kitchen: ‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’

This TikToker shared three amazing restaurant hacks that make cooking at home a breeze!

Michael Hayes (@stoveandgarden) is a chef and gardening enthusiast who shares creative cooking videos on TikTok. Hayes has been posting a series of cooking hacks he learned while working at a restaurant, including a recent video in which the talented chef shared three restaurant hacks that are perfect for anyone looking to step up their home cooking game.

In the video, Hayes explains his hacks for mincing garlic, using old herbs and draining pasta.

To mince garlic, Hayes trades his knife for a zester. Instead of finely chopping the garlic clove, Hayes uses a zester to quickly grate the garlic into tiny pieces. Not only is his hack time-saving, but it also ensures the garlic is minced into tiny pieces that are a uniform size. 

Next, Hayes provides a useful hack for using old herbs that you might have wilting in the refrigerator. “If you have any herbs that are dying in your refrigerator and drying, you can actually add them to some melted butter with garlic,” he explains. 

After mixing the herbs, butter and garlic together, simply add any spices you want. Then pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Once the herb butter sets, you can add the butter cubes to any dish to enhance its flavor. 

Finally, Hayes explains how to easily strain pasta or vegetables without placing the strainer in the sink. “This one’s a game changer,” he claims.

The creative TikToker simply puts the strainer in a pot full of pasta and turns the pot upside-down. The water drains out, while the pasta stays put. 

‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’

Viewers expressed their gratitude for the useful hacks in the comments section. 

“Okay, the last one was amazing,” one viewer wrote. 

“The strainer one is so simple. Why didn’t I think of that before?” another TikToker responded. 

Several viewers also offered up their own helpful cooking hacks in the comments.

“One of mine is using an egg slicer to cut cremini mushrooms,” one cooking enthusiast wrote. 

“I do the ice cube one with cilantro and lemon or lime juice for guacamole!” another TikToker responded.    

Cooking can be time-consuming, but Hayes’s creative restaurant hacks can help save time in the kitchen and make prepping your next meal more fun!

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