Restaurant server reveals why you should never rearrange tables and chairs

A restaurant employee explained why servers hate when customers move the tables and chairs around — and it actually makes a lot of sense.

TikTok user Dez (@dzshc1) posts all sorts of jokes and insider secrets about working as a restaurant server. In one of her recent uploads, she blew viewers’ minds by explaining why restaurant staff hates it when the customers take it upon themselves to add chairs or push tables together.

In the clip, Dez filmed herself playing the role of the customer basically rearranging the dining room. Then she cuts to a shot of her disappointed face looking through the window of the server station.

Several commenters who identified themselves as either former or current servers chimed in on how annoying the practice is.

“For those asking if this is bad,” one explained, “it’s like going into someone else’s house and rearranging their furniture. Just ask for help.”

“I loved telling them to move it back,” another added.

“Joiners… joiners are the worst,” someone said. “How does your party of 4 become a 14??????”

Part of the reason moving tables and chairs is so inconvenient to restaurant staff is because, as one commenter put it, everything is organized in a particular way for a reason: safety.

“We have to organize them in ways that don’t block exits for emergencies,” the commenter said. “So no you can’t just do this.”

It also complicates the system that’s put in place to fairly divide tables between servers.

“The worst when they pull 2 tables from 2 diff sections, and then 1 server is left without a table which means they don’t make as much money,” a viewer wrote.

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