Restaurant servers freak out when someone requests ‘a table for 91’

TikToker Sophy (@booyouwh0relmao) is a restaurant server, and she recently shared the shocking moment she received a seating request for 91 customers! Yes, 91.

Most days, Sophy spends her time serving small groups of customers, so she was shocked when her restaurant received a seating request for so many guests. Sophy shared a video, which has racked up more than 12 million views, showing how she and her co-workers reacted to the surprising turn of events.

The video begins with a shot of Sophy standing in the restaurant’s kitchen. She films herself looking at the camera with boxes of cooking supplies behind her. “We just got a table for 91,” Sophy writes in a caption. 

Then two more of Sophy’s co-workers lean in, appearing on screen on either side of the shocked restaurant worker. All three employees begin to laugh, raising their hands to cover their faces. They shake their heads and giggle incredulously as they process the news. 

Next, Sophie turns the camera around to reveal a computer screen. The screen shows the names of several of the restaurant’s employees, with squares marking the available tables. Each employee is assigned to several tables. 

Then the screen changes to show a spreadsheet, revealing its recent seating information. While most tables show only a few guests, one number stands out. In the middle of the spreadsheet, there is a table listed for 91 guests!

“We’re not closing tonight,” Sophy writes in a caption as the video ends.

“I can’t believe this is allowed.”

Viewers were shocked by the massive request.

“I can’t believe this is allowed. Anything over 12 requires a manager’s approved reservation at my job,” one restaurant employee commented.

“91? How do you even know that many people to eat with?” another viewer asked.

“This should not be allowed,” wrote another TikToker.  

In a follow-up video, Sophy shared that the 91 guests began arriving at the restaurant around 6 p.m. and were gone by 9 p.m. Sophy greeted and seated the guests, who she said were gracious. She also noted that her restaurant doesn’t accept reservations.

“They left us chocolate macadamia nuts, which was super nice,” she recalls.

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