A resume hack on TikTok is sparking controversy — here’s why

A career advisor’s resume hack has sparked a TikTok debate as to whether it’s ethical.

On Dec. 14, Jonathan Javier, the CEO of consulting firm Wonsulting, offered tips to those who are unsure whether they are a fit for a specific role or company.

Javier first suggests searching the position the candidate is interested in on LinkedIn. The candidate should then select the first few people who show up in the results and look at their “About” and “Experience” sections. From there, Javier encourages the candidate to copy and paste the selected people’s roles and responsibilities in a document, filtering out the applicable keywords that apply to the candidate’s own background.


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As a next step, the candidate should then add those keywords to their resume before finding a recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn with those same keywords. Finally, when reaching out to the recruiter or hiring manager, the candidate should use the keywords in their message or cover letter.

Javier’s TikTok has since gone viral, receiving nearly 128,000 likes. But it also led to questions of whether his advice was appropriate.

“So no one sees a problem with this.. Alright,” one person sarcastically wrote.

“That’s plagiarism sir!” another added.

Others, however, were quick to defend Javier and his suggestions.

“I guarantee no one that’s against this has written a resume without looking at templates online,” one user wrote. “This is basically the same thing.”

“I’ve always done this and tell everyone else to also!” another commented. “Don’t lie on your resume but if you have this experience it will work.”

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