Here’s how to fast-forward or rewind a video on TikTok

While TikTok might be our saving grace when it comes to boredom, life hacks and dance crazes, it’s not a perfect app. 

The video platform allows users to upload clips up to 60 seconds long. But the issue is, you can’t rewind or fast forward a video — not without a special hack, anyway.

If you’re watching a cooking video and need to go back to see an ingredient or if you misheard what a creator said, you’ll have to rewatch the entire video.

Now, this may explain why TikTok videos tend to get millions of views compared to other platforms — but fortunately, we’ve found a way around it.

How do you fast forward and rewind a TikTok video? 

The YouTuber Mariela Alicia M. uploaded a video where she revealed she had a TikTok fast-forward function. She was able to toggle the progress bar at the bottom of her screen for videos longer than minute. 

This could mean TikTok is testing the feature to eventually roll it out. However, TikTok hasn’t actually launched or announced the functionality yet, so you’ll need to use a workaround method until further notice. Here’s how to do it.

Simply go to the TikTok video you want to fast-forward or rewind, press the video for a few seconds and select the option “Save Video.” 

The video will usually end up downloaded into your camera roll. Here you’ll be able to fast-forward and rewind it using your phone’s video app. You can delete the video when you’re done with it to save space on your phone. 

Another method you can do is share it on a different platform. When you “Share” a TikTok on Snapchat or Twitter you can use the fast-forward and rewind functions on those platforms instead. 

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