5 delicious takes on TikTok’s ricotta toast trend

Ricotta toast is taking over TikTok feeds, quickly becoming the next certifiable trend of FoodTok. And believe it or not, ricotta is actually good for you! Compared to most cheeses, it contains less fat and less salt. Some are even being so bold as to call ricotta toast the next avocado toast. So try these five takes on ricotta toast before the trend is over!

1. Wild blueberry ricotta toast with pistachios and mint

This ricotta toast checks both the aesthetic and flavor boxes. After pan-frying some blueberries in brown sugar, TikTok chef @wholesomehedonista places them in an appetizing heap on top of a slice of toast coated with ricotta. Next, she adds crushed pistachios, fresh mint and a drizzle of honey for a breakfast that is sure to make your day. 

2. Ricotta eggs toast

This recipe levels up ricotta toast by getting eggs in the mix. TikToker @gianacarli mixes two eggs with a generous spoonful of ricotta and then cooks the mixture in a frying pan to make rich scrambled eggs. She places the ricotta and egg scramble on some garlic-buttered toast and tops the whole thing off with fried tomatoes for a super savory breakfast. 

3. Vegan ricotta toast

Wanna join the ricotta toast trend even though you’re vegan? No problem! This TikToker makes her own vegan ricotta out of cashews, which she tops off with peaches, balsamic glaze, arugula and sea salt for a tasty treat that won’t be hard on your stomach.

4. Blistered tomato and ricotta toast

Sometimes simplicity is the key to satisfaction. This 10-minute recipe tops the classic ricotta toast with blistered tomatoes and chili pepper flakes for a minimal breakfast that maxes out on taste. 

5. Pita with ricotta and za’atar

Who says ricotta toast needs to happen on toast? This Middle Eastern-inspired recipe spreads ricotta on a toasted pita and adds homemade za’atar, mint, sun-dried tomatoes and sumac. You might need to take a trip to some specialty stores to make this flavorful fare, but it will definitely be worth it.

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