What is Rigatoni Pasta TikTok? Users are counting down to a major event

Since Jan. 14, 2020. TikToker @jimmyrules32 has been devoted to his mission — making sure his fellow users eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta on May 24, 2021. From that quest, Rigatoni Pasta TikTok was born.

The original video is understated — it’s just footage of bugs on a brick wall with the words “eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta on may 24 2021” written over it.

Since then, TikTok user @rigatonipastacountdown has been posting daily reminders. It’s not clear who runs the account, but they do credit @jimmyrules32 in every video — and @jimmyrules32 has thanked them for their dedication.

The videos almost always follow the same format: A person hunches angrily in front of a photo of the pasta as the same clip from the song “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc plays in the background. The caption always includes the hashtag #eatabowlofrigatonipastaonmay242021.

Occasionally, the user will switch up the format. For the half-year reminder, they added a party hat. In another video, their followers were disturbed to find that he changed the song to Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now.”

There are other similar Rigatoni Pasta TikTok accounts, like @daily.rigatoni.052421, but none are as consistent as @rigatonipastacountdown.

For the most part, people are on board to partake in the harmless trend next year.

“This sounds like a threat so OK,” one user said.

“This is so ominous I don’t understand,” another wrote.

Some commenters said this reminded them of last year’s Area 51 memes, in which millions of Facebook users responded to an event invitation to “see them aliens” — and some actually did.

It’s also pretty similar to this year’s trend in which TikTok users counted down to August 27 for seemingly no reason aside from having “been chosen.”

Why rigatoni pasta, you may ask? No one has any idea why that was the dish was chosen or why May 24 is the big day, but maybe that’s the beauty of it. We don’t need a valid reason to celebrate. We can just eat pasta together.

As May 24 approaches, TikTokers are getting ready to … well, eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta

User @iflumpus realized he may actually be busy that day, though he’s had more than a year to prepare.

User @katie.adella realized she still had a few outstanding questions, such as what sound everyone will be posting their pasta bowls under, and what people are using to top their rigatoni. Similarly, @supyeet realized she didn’t even know what pasta shape that was or what time they were going to eat.

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