Woman shares Ring doorbell footage of ‘brutal’ encounter with delivery driver

A woman is going viral after sharing Ring camera footage of her bizarre run-in with a delivery driver.

On TikTok, doorbell camera videos are omnipresent. Users have used the footage to show “creepy” strangers on their porches, record their “cringey” pizza delivery moments and capture “small dinosaurs” running in their yards.

This latest viral moment came courtesy of user @jaxarx123. The TikToker shared a clip, recorded in a driveway or parking lot near her home, that showed the embarrassing exchange.

“The time I face-planted in a puddle and the driver took a pic of me on the floor as proof of delivery,” she captioned her video.


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In the Ring camera footage, @jaxarx123 can be seen walking out onto the asphalt and immediately slipping in a puddle. As she lies on the ground, her delivery driver approaches.

It seems as though @jaxarx123’s package required an image for proof of delivery — so, the driver simply took a photo of their customer lying on the ground.

TikTok users had strong reactions to the clip, which has drawn more than 1.3 million views. Some simply found it hilarious.

“I was about to cry this is so funny,” one user wrote.

“Best video I’ve seen today,” another added.

Others, however, were critical of the delivery driver, calling their timing “brutal.”

“This driver was like, ‘I’m not waiting for her to get herself sorted out,'” one user wrote.

“This is so mean,” another added.

“Why would they do that?” another asked.

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