Ring captures woman frantically banging on neighbors’ door when she sees their house is on fire: ‘Get out, move!’

A heroic neighbor saved the lives of an entire family when she alerted them to a house fire — and their Ring doorbell camera captured every terrifying moment.

Nicole Salgado, a mom of four and one of the six family members saved on that fateful day, uploaded the shocking footage. Her video has since gained 43.8 million views and nearly 90,000 comments.

Now, the bravery and compassion of the neighbor are touching hearts all across TikTok and restoring faith in humanity.


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The video begins with Carolyn Palisch, the next-door neighbor of the Salgado family, running past flames shooting from the home.

Dressed only in her pajamas and a robe, Carolyn begins to bang frantically on her neighbors’ door.

“My four kids, my husband, and myself were sleeping when we were woken up by banging on the door,” Nicole’s on-screen text explains.

“Get up, wake up!” Carolyn screams in the video, relentlessly pounding on the door and ringing their bell.

Finally, the Salgado family opens the front door and Carolyn immediately rushes in to usher them out.

“Within minutes of us getting out, our roof collapsed,” Nicole writes.

Members of the pajama-clad Salgado family begin rushing out of the house. Carolyn exits after the family, calmly directing them, “Go to my house. You can stay at my house.”

Nicole writes, “The firefighters said that if we didn’t get out when we did, we wouldn’t have made it out [a]live. We are so grateful to this angel that saved our lives.”

Unfortunately, the family lost everything to the fire, including their home. According to Nicole, they were all thankful just to be alive, and it’s all due to the bravery and selflessness of their loving neighbor.

‘There are angels among us, y’all…’

Comments came pouring in from all around the world, applauding Carolyn and her incredible rescue.

“This video has restored my faith in humanity. The news needs to cover more stories like this instead of all the negative/political stories,” wrote one TikToker.

“The world needs more people like her. God bless,” another user shared.

“She was so calm. How amazing of her to say ‘go to my house.’ So welcoming,” one user wrote.

“She said ‘move’ and walked in fearlessly. Love lives!” cried another user.

“And she’s the last one out. Hero for sure!” observed another TikToker.

“It’s the way she didn’t even hesitate to go inside and help. Thank God for her,” applauded one user.

“I’ve watched this so many times and I’m still crying. There are angels among us, y’all,” another user wrote.

“Respect to her! She didn’t give up and then offered them her house to stay safe. That’s the neighbor we all want,” wrote one user.

“Some heroes don’t wear capes. In some cases, they wear robes,” commented another user.

“I didn’t need to be crying at 11 a.m. on a Monday morning, but here I am. What an amazing lady,” lauded one user.

While we may not ever be called to action in the way Carolyn was that fateful morning, her selfless gesture can surely inspire all of us to be better neighbors and people to our fellow humans.

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