Woman allegedly catches boyfriend cheating through Ring doorbell footage

A woman took to TikTok to accuse her boyfriend of cheating after noticing him kissing another woman through Ring doorbell footage.

In the video, the man can be seen supposedly standing in the doorway of another woman’s house. He kissed her then walked away, but the woman followed after him and jumped on his back.


When you find out your boyfriends been cheating through a ring doorbell! 🙃#cheat #ex #girl#single

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“When you find out your boyfriends been cheating through Ring doorbell,” TikTok user @charleyclark88 wrote in her caption. She also included the hashtags #cheat, #ex, #girl and #single.

The TikTok user didn’t just stumble upon the footage, either. In the comments of her post, she claimed she found it on her boyfriend’s phone after the woman in the video sent it to him, claiming it was “funny.” That’s a lot more concrete than some flirty texts.

She also said her boyfriend is “long gone” from her life.

Commenters expressed interest in a follow-up video to explain what happened, but so far, @charleyclark88 has not posted one.

They did agree that the whole situation seemed pretty terrible.

“You deserve better than that,” one said.

“This is so heartbreaking,” another wrote.

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