Teenager shares Ring doorbell footage of her confounding driving mishap

A teenager is going viral thanks to some mysterious Ring doorbell footage.

The clip, which shows the TikTok user accidentally destroying her parents’ front porch, joins a longstanding trend on the app. In the past, users have shared Ring footage of cheating boyfriends, embarrassing pizza orders, “brutal” exchanges with delivery drivers and inexplicable flying objects.

This latest instance comes from user Kaylee Rigdon (@kay1eerigd0n). Her video, which now has nearly 13 million views, begins with the TikToker exiting her parents’ house and starting up her car.

Then, things get disastrous. As Rigdon pulls out, a huge, white column rips out of her parents’ porch. The clip ends with her dad sprinting outside and screaming for her to stop.


So this was my morning… literally wtf. ##SpotlightAPI ##foryou ##fypp ##goated

♬ original sound – kaylee rigdon

“So this was my morning… literally wtf,” Ridgon captioned the clip.

The video immediately went viral, with TikTok users calling it shocking and “confusing.” Many could not figure out how — or why — Rigdon’s car would be somehow attached to the house.

“I was not expecting that,” one user wrote.

“I was not prepared,” another added.

“Why is your car on a leash?” another asked.

As with most viral moments, there was a surprisingly logical explanation. Rigdon posted a follow-up clip a few days later, answering almost every question imaginable.


Reply to @kay1eerigd0n PART TWO!! ##foryou ##fypp

♬ original sound – kaylee rigdon

First, Rigon was sure to tell TikTok users that her parents’ porch had already been repaired. Then, she explained what happened.

As it turns out, Rigdon’s car door had accidentally closed on her dog’s leash, which stays attached to her parents’ front column. When she started driving away, the leash pulled with her — and so did the column.

“Never seen a more perfect explanation video,” one commenter wrote.

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