Woman shares Ring doorbell footage of ‘cringey’ pizza delivery exchange

A pizza delivery customer is going viral on TikTok — all thanks to her own Ring doorbell footage.

Typically, Ring camera owners go viral for the things they catch other people doing. In the past, TikTokers have claimed to catch cheating boyfriends, kindhearted FedEx drivers and more.

TikTok user @breenana999, meanwhile, managed to film her own embarrassment. In her clip, which has more than 2.4 million views, the TikToker revealed her outlandish exchange with a pizza delivery driver.

“Thinking about the time I grabbed the whole bag from the pizza man because I didn’t know how it worked,” she wrote in the video.


i have so many questions tho. why did he let me grab it? why didn’t he tell me right away? why did he let me attempt to open the bag?

♬ original sound – Amir Yass

In her Ring doorbell footage, the TikToker answers the door for her pizza. Then, instead of letting him take her food out of his delivery bag, she simply grabs the entire thing and tries to take it inside.

She aptly soundtracked her video with the “Waking up in the morning” audio — which TikTokers frequently use to relive the cringiest moments from their past.

TikTok users seemed to revel in the “cringey” moment, expressing both their sympathy and outright confusion.

“This is so embarrassing,” one user wrote.

“How do you not know how that works?” another added.

“I felt bad for you,” another wrote. “This is so funny though. He talked about you for the rest of his shift.”

For her part, @breenana999 seemed to embrace the embarrassment. She also raised some pretty fair points about the confusion, and whether or not it was really her fault.

“I have so many questions though,” she wrote in the post. “Why did he let me grab it? Why didn’t he tell me right away? Why did he let me attempt to open the bag?”

“Why don’t they just hand over the pizza?” one commenter agreed.

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