Model catches alleged stalker outside her window using Ring doorbell footage

A model shared a bone-chilling series of TikTok videos about an alleged stalker creeping around her window.

User @gustejanus, whose real name is Gustė Janušauskaitė, shared a horrific story that began when her mother claimed she caught a man lurking using their Ring doorbell footage.


still can’t believe this happened to me, the ptsd is real-stay safe out there ladies🥲 #storytime #stalkertok #mystalkerstory #creepy #fyp #scarytok

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“Woke up to the police at my door because my mom caught someone stalking me last night,” the TikToker, who is a Lithuanian-born model living in the U.S., said.

In her post, the police can be seen at her door. Shortly after, the TikTok cuts to footage of a man walking around the outside of her home in the dark.

Janušauskaitė said the man stood directly outside her room “watching” her,” though she wasn’t sure how long he lasted. She claimed the police didn’t do anything about her report, so she moved the camera closer to her room and caught him coming back.

Video then showed the alleged stalker trying to look into the window and looking at the house’s interior as well as the roof.

Commenters suggested that it looked like the mysterious figure was “casing the house” and might be “planning something.”

“This will only get worse,” one commenter said. “Please protect yourself.”

Over the course of five more videos, Janušauskaitė dug deeper into the story.

She said she and her mother live in a gated community and implied that the alleged stalker had been watching her for a while because he knew her schedule.

Taking matters into her own hands, Janušauskaitė set up a homemade “booby trap” that involved tying a rope around two nearby trees so the man would trip and make a sound loud enough to wake her. She said she checked her Ring doorbell footage app and saw the stalker looking at her at that very moment.

“I’m watching him watching me,” Janušauskaitė said. “I’ve never run so fast in my life to my mom’s room.”

She said he looked for the camera but didn’t find it, then calmly retreated.

The police came, but she said they just warned her to be cautious and keep her windows closed and covered. Her mom alerted neighbors to the alleged stalker, but the neighborhood watch didn’t do anything either, she claimed.

“This is literally how women die, because nobody listens to us, and we are constantly in danger,” she said.

Janušauskaitė said that since the final incident, which took place in March 2020, she hasn’t caught the alleged stalker on camera, and she has since moved.

She told Bored Panda that she recommended taking “precautions” to avoid an incident like this and not depending solely on the police because they “arrive once the crime has already happened.”

“Just know you’re not alone, and there are precautions you can take to make yourself feel safer,” she said in an interview. “This includes carrying some sort of self-defense weapon or taking self-defense classes, as well as having cameras monitoring the outside of your home.”

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