Riot Games is hiring for its new MMORPG game

Riot Games has officially confirmed its MMORPG and opened up a job recruitment page for its development team.

The League of Legends developer has launched a new website soliciting applications, as reported by The Daily Dot. Riot also released a statement on the page acknowledging that it’s working on an MMORPG set in the League universe with some teaser art.

Credit: Riot Games

“No, you’re not dreaming, we’re working on an MMORPG based in the League universe!” Riot’s statement read. “We know MMOs take a lot of people to create, and we’ll need a pretty big raid team if we want to bring Runeterra to life. That’s where you come in.”

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Riot is not hiring for any specific roles yet. But the company said it’s particularly interested in game developers who are experienced in engineering, game design, UX design, art and production.

The upcoming MMORPG is one of the several secret projects that Riot has been quietly developing over the years. Historically, the developer was seen as a one-trick pony in the industry — but a very powerful one.

Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends was Riot’s one and only game for 10 years but it’s also the most popular esport in the world. 115 million players compete in the game every month and the game’s professional scene boasts 13 leagues spread across the world.

But Riot has recently added some fresh releases under its belt. The company has been developing games in different genres under lettered code names such as Project F and Project L. In 2020, the company revealed Project A as Valorant, a round-based tactical FPS.

When former World of Warcraft developer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street announced that he was working at Riot in 2014, it immediately sparked rumors that the company was working on an MMORPG. The scuttlebutt went into overdrive in Dec. 2020 when Ghostcrawler tweeted he was working on developing the “League universe” and that Riot was hiring.

Riot hasn’t released any details about its MMORPG but the job page is filled with references to classic MMO terms. World of Warcraft players will easily recognize these phrases, like “raid team,” “replacing greens,” “queueing up” and “looking for group.”

Knowing Riot, the MMO will be something that strikes the right balance between different and familiar.

If you want to apply for Riot’s new MMO team, go here. According to Ghostwalker, the project is still early in development so the first wave of hires will be industry veterans based in the United States.

In the future, the team will be considering applicants of all experience levels (including none at all) who can also be international.

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