Who is Riyaz? One of the most popular TikTok stars is surprisingly mysterious

Riyaz Aly Alfreen is a lip-syncer and actor from India who is one of the top 10 most popular TikTok users, even though he hasn’t posted a single video since June. 

He has 10 million Instagram followers and 43.4 million TikTok followers at the time of writing.

He’s surprisingly mysterious and we don’t know much about him — but here’s what we do know.

Who is Riyaz’s family?

Riyaz is from a Muslim family and lives in Mumbai. He is the son of Shabnam Afreen, his mother and Afroz Afreen, his father. He has an older sister named Riza Afreen who also has millions of followers on TikTok. Sometimes they even post videos together

How old is Riyaz?

The Gen Z social media star recently turned 17 and was born on September 14, 2003, in Bhutan. 

Riyaz became famous after posting videos to Instagram.

The teen’s rise to fame began in 2017 when he started posting lip-syncing videos on Instagram and later TikTok

He is a motorcycle enthusiast who often posts photos on bikes.

Riyaz doesn’t mind showing off his motorcycles on Instagram every now and then. He has quite a few including a Royal Enfield and KTM

He said he started posting to social media to showcase his creativity.

I always had a passion for acting and TikTok in that sense, gave me the right platform to showcase my creativity,” Riyaz told Times of India. “I really like hearing from my followers and get a lot of encouragement and inspiration from them. It’s always fun and memorable.”

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