As another semester ends, TikTokers have latched on to the acronym ‘RMP’

This college semester is wrapping up and students are exhausted. 

The sheer workload demanded during finals is mentally taxing and nearly impossible to juggle with the rest of life’s duties. It’s no surprise that all students want to do afterward is vent. Pupils have taken to TikTok to share their frustrations which have resulted in a new slang acronym “RMP” making the rounds. 

What does “RMP” mean on TikTok?

RMP stands for Rate My Professors, a website where college students can grade their teachers for a change. 

“Me running to Rate My Professor now that the semester is over,” @jamaicasandra said in a video where she referenced Mean Girls’ burn book

“About to ruin this man’s perfect Rate My Professor score,” @ochemlover wrote in a video where they graded their teacher a two out of five. 

“College students logging into Rate My Professors after reach semester,” @binghamtonu captioned his video as he earnestly prepared to leave a review. 

TikToker @pjedwards10 typed feverishly on Rate My Professor after her teacher wouldn’t curve her “30 to a 97.” 

Alternative “RMP” definitions 

According to Urban Dictionary, RMP can also stand for “remind me, please,” “read my profile,” “radio mounted patrol” and the British Army’s Royal Military Police. 

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