Here’s how to turn yourself into a giant Roblox avatar on TikTok

A new TikTok effect has people transforming into their favorite Roblox avatars. 

Roblox is an online gaming platform where each player is given a customizable avatar. The avatars are notably square and boxy, almost like a digital Legos minifigure. Now, a TikToker has created a new filter that instantly turns people into Roblox avatars. It’s the latest effect on the app to cause a craze. 

The Roblox filter on TikTok 

“New effect in my profile, y’all. I’m [the] new TikTok queen, slay,” @lednique said in a demo of the Roblox filter he created. 


keep tagging me in these tiktoks pls, i’m crying 😭😭😭 #fyp #foryou #mxddsie #roblox #materialgworl #robloxfilter

♬ FRONTIN – Omnily hunnye 🌬

“Thank you to whoever made this filter, now I can dance as my avatar,” @mxddsie said as a Roblox with pigtails and a pink outfit. 

TikToker @dyadolce danced in the library as an emo Roblox character. 

The user @chichichxrry did the “Helicopter” challenge as a Dora the Explorer-inspired Roblox avatar

How to turn yourself into a Robox on TikTok 

1. Go to the “Discover” tab on TikTok.

2. Enter “material gwooorl” in the search bar. 

3. Find the filter created by @lednique and hit the pink record button. 

4. Face the camera and the filter should work automatically. 

5. Record your video. 

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