Watch this TikToker get served by a robot

TikToker Cynthia Denisse (@theadventurecpa) shared a video of the ultimate futuristic dining experience — getting served by a robot

Denisse is a certified public accountant and world traveler who shares clips from her various adventures. Recently, Denisse posted a video where she was treated to a dining experience straight from a sci-fi film, as her server happened to be a robot

The clip opens with the caption, “Finally being served by a robot in 2022,” with footage of an android carrying trays of food toward Denisse’s table to the Mission Impossible theme.

At first glance, the robot looks like a fancy air purifier with its hollow ovular body and sturdy base. However, upon closer inspection, trays of food can be seen stacked inside the hollow part of the robot’s upper half as it roams around the restaurant on tiny wheels. 

The robot pivots to stop at Denisse’s table, revealing a box affixed to its head with two blinking computer-animated blue eyes similar to EVE’s, the robot love interest from the Pixar film WALL-E

In her video’s comment section, Denisse mentions that this dining experience from the future took place at Haidilao Hot Pot in Seattle, Washington. 

Robot waiters around the world

While robot waiters are a recent development, Haidilao isn’t the only restaurant that employs them. 

Black Canyon Coffee, a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, introduced robots into their workforce to minimize contact between individuals and keep their human employees safe during the height of the pandemic. 

Pre-pandemic, a restaurant in the Netherlands initially hopped on the robot server trend more for entertainment purposes, only to find them helpful in adhering to social-distancing guidelines. 

Considering the possibility of people finding robots off-putting, one robotics company developed a cat robot waiter that guests can play with and pet to promote positive associations with the machines.

While robot servers may very well become a regular part of everyday life in the future as technology advances, for now, they are a novelty.

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