Robot serves ice cream while keeping human contact to a minimum

The next time you get ice cream, a robot could be serving it. 

Kawasaki Robotics, a Japan-based company, debuted its duAro robot, an automated ice-cream serving robot, at the technology expo FABTECH in 2016.

Footage from the event showed how the robot seamlessly worked without needed much human intervention. First, a customer used a touch screen to select an ice cream flavor. Then he placed a cone into the machine which triggered a sensor to activate the process. A robot arm grabbed the cone, transported it to the ice cream dispenser and placed it back into a holder for the patron to retrieve. 

“The duAro robot is designed to safely collaborate with humans in work operations,” Kawasaki Robotics stated

In the age of the pandemic, you might say Kawasaki was ahead of its time in creating a robotic, contactless server. 

“The duAro robot is not only safe but it is also easy to operate,” Kawasaki stated in a press release. “The direct teach function allows the user to teach the robot tasks by hand guiding its arms. In addition, the robot can be programmed using a PC or tablet terminal by entering numerical values indicating the direction and distance of each movement.” 

This isn’t the first ice-cream serving robot, however. Connected Robotics launched a similar robot in 2020 due to the lockdown. Its Reita is a dog-shaped robot that helps serve treats while keeping human-contact to a minimum. 

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