Rocksbox is the jewelry rental service that dreams are made of

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Subscription services are the newest trend in online consumerism, with video streaming, food and cosmetics being the most prevalent players in the market.

While there seem to be subscription services available for everything under the sun, one area that still needs to be explored is jewelry. Think about it: The main purpose of most of these services is to give consumers the convenience of using a product without that often intimidating locked-in financial commitment, so why not apply this philosophy to what is arguably considered the pinnacle of luxury?

With the likes of Freshly and Disney Plus affording this option in food and entertainment respectively with a “cancel anytime” policy, it’s only natural that the same formula be applied to jewelry.

With this in mind, Rocksbox was created!

Shop: Rocksbox Jewelry Membership Service (3 pieces), $21 per month

Credit: Rocksbox

Described as “the ultimate jewelry collection,” this service allows its users to rent three quality designer jewelry pieces for $21 a month — a fraction of what each piece costs individually. Free shipping is also included with each purchase/subscription and members get access to special discounted prices — ranging from $38 to $148 — if they want to purchase any pieces.

Rocksbox features a slew of well-known designers that cover a wide range of jewelry aesthetics and styles. Some of the most popular designers include Kate Spade, Slate, Sophie Harper, Kendra Scott, Gorjana and Perry Street.

Credit: Rocksbox

So, here’s a more in-depth explanation of how it all works. Signing up for this service is actually fun and, unlike the quintessential sign-up experience seen with other services, it’s pretty non-intrusive. After hitting “Join Now,” you will be taken to a page that’s formatted into a quiz. The results feature a curated list of selections for you, and each option can be swapped at your discretion before the set ships.

Users have advised, though, that during this process, the “No Preference” button should be avoided for each question so that your results match your style as closely as possible.

Once you’ve filled out this fully customizable questionnaire, it’s time to complete your wishlist and fill it with a list of pieces from Rocksbox’s collection that you particularly want to try. Making this even more user-friendly and open-ended, the service does not limit your selections. However, it does recommend adding about 30 to start.

Credit: Rocksbox

On this page, you can click into each product to see any specific details about the piece, whether that’s materials or price. This brings up another key feature in this service that sets it apart from others: purchasing rented pieces to own.

While subscribers pay a monthly rental fee of $21 for Rocksbox’s jewelry, they can actually fully purchase any piece for the listed member price minus the $21 membership fee. The fee, in this case, would be treated as a credit to the subscriber’s account, allowing for more discounted purchases in the future.

For example, at standard retail prices, these three pieces from Rudiment, Sophie Harper and Slate, will cost $170 in total. The Rocksbox discounted prices of each item reduce this total to $144. With the further subtraction of Forever Credits (awarded when recommending the service to a friend) and the $21 credit previously mentioned, this final amount will be reduced even further.

Also, adding to this luxe shopping experience, your pieces arrive at your doorstep in a sleek gray box secured with a blush pink bow — a detail shoppers tend to love.

Perfect for a personalized Mother’s Day gift or as a fresh way to try out new styles before fully committing, Rocksbox seems to check all the boxes for a quality subscription service.

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