Rocky Barnes dishes on the 4 products that get her son to sleep when she’s on the go

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Being a parent never gets any less hectic. Add traveling into the mix and it can be downright daunting. 

Founder of the Bright Side and model, Rocky Barnes is here to make parenting on the go easier. Even before having her son Jones, the travel-loving mother knew she wanted to take her kids everywhere she went. 

“My husband and I have always been big travelers and we made a pact with ourselves that even when we had kids we were going to continue to travel and explore this world and go on adventures. We want our son Jones to see the world and be everything that we do,” Barnes said. 

But that meant ensuring one thing happened while on the road: sleep. 

“The main theme around all of the pieces that I’ve chosen is sleep. I was literally up every three hours until Jones was six weeks. Sleep became our best friend,” she said. 

Barnes chose her favorite products to use when the family is out of the house and Jones needs naptime.

1. Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine

This ultra-portable white noise machine allows your baby to sleep anywhere. It provides comforting sounds that will help drown out disturbing noises. Barnes said Jones was able to sleep through construction in their home thanks to the device. 

“I love the size of it,” she said. “It’s super small, compact, gets shockingly loud and it comes with a little carabiner so you can hook it on the stroller, you can hook it on the crib. You can hook it wherever you need.”

2. The Doona Stroller

Barnes described this stroller as “literally magic.” It’s a baby carriage that instantly converts into a car seat without having to detach any parts. 

“For traveling the main issue with normal strollers is that you’ll put the baby in the stroller, then you’ll have to take him out, put him in the car seat, take him out, put him back in the stroller. All this back and forth, who is going to be able to stay asleep doing that?” Barnes said. 

This will definitely simplify those transition moments without disrupting your little one’s sleepy time. 

3. Nylon Diaper Bag 

This chic minimal nylon bag wasn’t exactly made to be a diaper bag but the lightweight material and large size make it perfect for the task. 

“It’s made out of nylon so it weighs absolutely nothing,” Barnes explained. “Because by the time you throw all the bottles in, all the snacks in, all the diapers, the wipes, toys. This thing gets really heavy. You already have a heavy baby. The last thing you need is extra weight.” 

4. Amazon Basics Portable Kids Blackout Shades

Blackout curtains are able to block out any light no matter what time of day. But this foldable set from Amazon has suction cups so it can be attached to any glass surface. 

“So you suction it onto any window and it comes with little velcros so you can adjust the size,” Barnes said. “Each one of these panels fits a sliding glass door. Having the room be super dark during nap times has been such a game-changer. It gives you that extra 15 to 20 minutes and really gets him into a deep sleep.” 

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