Roddy Ricch reveals that his next album is coming soon

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Roddy Ricch’s next album might be released soon, according to a hint the LA-based rapper gave on his August 25 Instagram Live.

This will be his sophomore album following 2019’s “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial,” which is still ranking high in the charts.

Roddy teased the drop from a pool in Cabo saying, “Album coming soon as f***.”

A GQ profile on Roddy from August 10 also had Roddy hinting at a new album. He told the publication that he had enough new material to create one if he wanted to.

“Could I drop a new album right now? Yes. Will I? No,” Roddy said in the profile. Now more than ever, Roddy is focused on releasing it at the right time.

“Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial” debuted at No. 1 and stayed in that spot for four non-consecutive weeks.

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