Roller-skating kid has the ultimate hype man: ‘We can all only dream of being this cool’

Roller-skating godfather Solomon Snowden (@iskate_solo) is the best hype man to his godson!

The TikTok godfather is a professional dancer and roller skater who’s garnered a following of more than 500,000 users for his smooth moves on and off the roller rink. Recently, Snowden posted a video of him teaching his young godson, Bryson, how to roller skate, and it’s as impressive as it is adorable. 


My youngest godson bryson riding with the big boys 🔥 #rollerskating #skatertiktok

♬ original sound – Iskate_solo

The clip features Snowden from behind the camera as he follows Bryson, who’s decked out in blue jeans and a pair of electric yellow roller skates, coasting around the rink

Despite his small size and young age, Bryson has no problem holding his own on a pair of roller skates.

“Woooo! That’s what I’m talking about!” Snowden cheers while trying to keep up with his speedy godson. 

Bryson dips and glides on his roller skates like a pro, while others look on in amazement from the sidelines. 

“Woooooo! Oh nooo! Lord have mercy!” Snowden hollers as Bryson bops his head and moves to the music with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. 

“OOOHHHHHH!” Snowden bellows as Bryson makes a final dip before the video ends. 

Snowden may have finished filming, but given Bryson’s raw talent, he’s probably still roller skating. 

“Now can your godson teach me”

Viewers were blown away by Bryson’s roller-skating prowess.

“Meanwhile, I would be in the back of the ambulance,” one user joked. 

“Uh, now can your godson teach me… He did so good,” applauded one TikToker

“I’m over here taking notes! I look like a newbie next to him! He’s got the energy,” one fellow skater mentioned. 

“We can all only dream of being this cool,” observed one viewer.

Bryson may have a natural talent for roller skating, but he’s also lucky to have a fantastic teacher and hype man rallying on his behalf.

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