‘Parks and Recreation’ meme helps TikTokers give a hard pass

Parks and Recreation fans can rejoice as their beloved show is the source of a trending meme on TikTok

The meme features the show’s Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) saying, “I’m not sure I’m interested in that. No, I am sure. I am not interested in that.” “Parks and Recreation” ran for seven seasons, and Swanson’s aloof attitude was a big part of the show’s charm. 

 TikTokers are taking this statement and using it to give people strong denials for their intended plans. 

This is one of the many times in the show when Swanson expresses his disinterest in people’s plans. 

Brandon Lantz (@tiktok_dude107) posted a video with the meme and received over 1.2 million views. The CapCut template, which is trending more than the individual audio, currently has over 6,500 uses. 

His video let people know that once he’s ready for bed, he will not be leaving his house — and several users agreed with him. 

“If the shoes come off then I identify as horizontal for the night,” said @chilloutbruhplease

“I wouldn’t call it my bedtime, but there is no way that I am leaving my house to hang out with people after 8 o’clock,” replied @shrewstew.

Aside from not leaving the house after a certain time, other TikTokers have been handing out hard passes to various suggestions.


im sorry but please just get it out why do we have to make it a song

♬ original sound – brandon lantz

“This is so real like i’m sure i’m missing out on some great movies/plots but i can’t get past the SONGS,” said @galifournia

These TikTokers were already going to say no, but now they have a lovable and relatable television character to reject invites for them.

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