Roommate makes friend ‘ugly cry’ over birthday surprise

Two bros were nearly brought to tears by twin kittens. 

A Reddit user with the handle peglegpete305 posted a touching video of the emotional moment on the platform’s “aww” forum. The video showed what happened when his roommate surprised him with a black kitten for his birthday in 2019.

“[Got] a little surprise for you, buddy. A little early birthday gift for you,” the roommate said from behind the camera.

The Reddit user looked stunned as his roommate handed him a tiny, adorable black cat.

“Black cat — you always talked about it,” the roommate said. “I know — I just wanted to give you something you might have loved.”

He embraced the little kitten in his arms and held it up to his face. As he neared tears, the gift-bearing friend said, “You’re going to make me cry.” The roommate also mentioned that he got his own kitten too. 

The Reddit user shared photos from of the two kitten brothers, one black and one gray, in the comment section.

The adorable video was upvoted over 50,000 times on Reddit. 

“You got the ugly cry! That’s our metric for telling whether we got the perfect gift,” one user commented. 

“This is what I came to say, look at this man so full of love he will ugly cry over a kitten,” someone wrote

“His expression as he holds the kitten made my eyes flood, that was true happiness and joy,” another said

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