Pop artist takes finger painting to a whole new level with BTS portraits

Pop artist Ross Bucher is redefining what it means to finger paint with his portraits, which he paints using his handprints.

There’s nothing rudimentary or abstract about Bucher’s portraits. Each painting on his TikTok features celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. However, Bucher’s homages to BTS members are among his most popular — and also make for a great introduction to his unique technique.

The artist’s portrait of RM racked up over 1.7 mullion views. Like in most of his pieces, Bucher started with a black canvas. Instead of a brush, he used his paint-covered hands to create different kinds of strokes.

First, he painted the base of RM’s face. Then he used red, white and pink paint to add details. Bucher used the black canvas’s negative space as RM’s eyes and hair. He then created a red and black pattern by using his handprint as a stamp.

Bucher’s Suga painting — another portrait in the BTS series — practically had K-Pop TikTok screaming. To create the portrait, the artist strategically placed white handprints to make Suga’s face and neck. He layered light brown, pink and red handprints to add details like his lips, eyes and nose. Then he made a romantic pink and red splatter background.

The portrait of Suga is his most popular to date, with over 2.5 million views.

“You must go to a talent show, you made Suga so perfect,” one user commented.

“Can you do the rest of the members? This is really awesome!” another wrote.

“Woah, this is so cool,” someone else added.

Check out Bucher in action in the video above.

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