What is the Rotoscope filter on TikTok, and how do you add it to your videos

The Rotoscope filter is turning TikTokers into colorful head-banging cartoons. 

Rotoscoping is an animation technique where illustrators trace over live-action footage to create graphics with more lifelike motions. One of the most popular Rotoscoped films is A Scanner Darkly, starring Keanu Reeves. Now, this fun TikTok filter allows you to instantly Rotoscope yourself into a colorful, dancing silhouette — reminiscent of those retro 2000s iPod ads

What is the Rotoscoping filter on TikTok? 

The Rotoscoping trend got started by the user @icetut, who went viral for a video where he used the animation technique on himself. He appears as the real version of himself in the clip, but when the beat drops, he becomes a cartoon. 

TikTok created the filter soon after, allowing every user to join in on the fun. 

TikToker @melysatann tried the trend herself, and her dark hair and fair skin transformed into cartoonish red hair and a pink complexion as she danced to a chill pop song. 

“I tried the Rotoscope filter on Tiktok, and it turned me into the dad from The Incredibles…” @thisrandomdad said in a tweet where he shared a screenshot of his animated self. 

How to use the Rotoscope filter on TikTok

TikToker @jera.bean explained how to use the simple effect in a tutorial

Step 1: Locate the search bar and enter “Rotoscope.” 

Step 2: Under “Effects” select “Rotoscope” and tap “Try This Effect.” 

Step 3: Hit the record button to start filming your video. Play a song, and when the beat drops, nod your head to activate the Rotoscope filter. 

To remove the Rotoscope filter simply pause your video, tap “Effects” and select “Cancel.” 

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