Are these ’round’ hot dogs disgusting, or better than the original?

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Are “round” hot dogs the future of backyard barbecues?

These circular patties are supposed to taste just like regular hot dogs. But to some hot dog purists, they may look a little offensive. They’re basically Frankenstein’s monster-style combo between a standard hot dog and a hamburger.

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The strange, flattened hot dogs have spread like wildfire on social media, where users have shared plenty of controversial opinions about them.

“OK, I’m intrigued,” one TikTok user commented on a video of the snacks.

“This is just bologna,” another argued.

“I’m not down with this,” another added.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of these things yourself. Rastelli’s, an online meat delivery service, will send you a 16-pack for just $34. That’s a small price to pay to experience hot dog science firsthand.

So, In The Know producer, Poppy Shen ordered some and put them to the ultimate taste test. To see what happened, keep reading below or watch the clip above.

Are ’round’ hot dogs better than regular ones?

To test the round hot dogs, Poppy pit them against regular, traditional “tube-shaped” hot dogs. Then, she compared each one on three points: convenience, versatility and taste.

Convenience: All in all, the round hot dogs were a little easier to cook but also harder to eat. Since they take two hands to eat, they’re not exactly the portable, gameday-ready snack a standard hot dog is. This round was a tie.

Versatility: Here, Poppy wanted to see how well each hot dog version could handle different styles and ingredients. Since the round hot dogs are wide and have plenty of space, they were actually better for adding more toppings. Round two goes to the round hot dogs.

Taste: In a shocking upset, the round hot dogs won this round as well. That’s because, according to Poppy, they’re thinner and have a wider surface area, meaning each part of the meat gets cooked equally to perfection.

So there you have it. It may sound sacrilegious, but hot dogs just might be better as a circle.

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