Here are 5 unusual uses for rubber bands we swear by in our homes

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As expected, you probably haven’t given much thought to rubber bands beyond their basic use of holding things together. But rubber bands are so much more than a random desk accessory when you realize what else they can be used for. Check out the video above for five of our favorite (and unusual) ways to use rubber bands and keep scrolling for all the details.

  1. First, if you have a few shirts in your closet that can never seem to stay on the hanger, try wrapping a rubber band around both ends of the hanger for an instant non-slip solution.
  2. You can use the same method above on your cutting boards, too. Put one or two bands on each side of the cutting board to help keep it in place when slicing and dicing on your counters.
  3. If your fridge is full of hard-to-open jars, try wrapping a rubber band around a stuck lid when trying to open it for extra grip — this works similarly to the rubber coasters that you might have floating around your kitchen.
  4. If you need to keep a door from locking for a few minutes, twisting a rubber band from one handle to the other will keep the dead blot from locking into place.
  5. Are you and your crew all cheers-ing with the same glassware? Grab a bag of colored rubber bands and put one around each cup for easy (and festive) identification.

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