Rubik’s cube aficionado pulls off impressive stunt in ‘epic video’

Tony Fisher is a Rubik’s cube fanatic. The Ipswich puzzle maker creates his own Rubik’s cubes out of everyday objects, designs giant life-sized versions of the puzzle and has a YouTube channel dedicated to the toy. Fisher even landed in the Guinness World Records for constructing the world’s largest Rubik’s cube in April. 

Now Fisher has found a new use for the cube in his garden. Fisher created a homemade see-saw to launch a large Rubik’s cube into a garbage bin. Although the trick shot wasn’t exactly easy. 

Backyard footage shows Fisher place the cube on one end of a wooden board that’s balanced on top of a large jug. Fisher jumps on the opposite end of the see-saw, the Rubik’s cube launches over his head and straight into a blue trash bin across the yard. Then the wooden board goes flying and the jug rolls away. Booyah!

But the rest of the video is all misses. It takes Fisher about a dozen tries before he can score. As they say, practice makes perfect. 

The trick shot (without all the bloopers) was originally featured in his “Rubik’s Cube Madness” video. The compilation featured parkour, skateboarding and other stunts with Fisher’s favorite puzzle. 

“Crazy, you are the man, the best,” one YouTube user wrote

“This is honestly impressive. I never am unsurprised!” another commented

“Epic video! You’re the best and coolest puzzle design ever!” one user said

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