TikTok reacts to mom-to-be’s 8 ‘rules’ for after baby arrives

A mom-to-be wants everyone to know what her post-birth rules are. 

TikToker Maisie Crompton is 20 years old and expecting her first baby. Hopping on the popular TikTok trend “rules for when I have a baby,” Crompton listed eight requirements for anyone who dared to be near her precious little one. Most people in the comment section felt her boundaries were totally reasonable. 


Seen so many of these videos… here’s my “rules for when I have a baby” ✍🏻👶🏻#pregnancyjourney #rulesformybaby #trending #mumsunder21

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Crompton requested that people “don’t kiss the baby,” no unannounced visitors just after the baby was born and not to announce the birth of her child or post photos of it before she does. 

“I really don’t think I’m going to be up for socializing when a baby has literally come out of me,” she said

The mom also had a strict rule that no sick people be around her kid and that anyone who touches her baby should wash their hands beforehand. 

“Do not ask to see the baby if you haven’t spoken to me or asked how I am throughout my pregnancy,” she explained

Finally, if her baby is crying while you’re holding it, just hand it back because she doesn’t want to watch her little one cry from a distance. 

Most people felt the mom-to-be’s rules were nothing but fair. 

“If people are upset by this list, then they don’t deserve to be near you or your baby, this is perfectly reasonable and should be the norm anyway,” someone wrote

“Honestly, as a visiting guest, I would feel so much more comfortable being handed this list so I can make sure I’m making the mum most comfortable,” another said

“A friend I went to school with had horrendous regular cold sores all of her life because someone kissed her (with a cold sore) as a baby,” a person added

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