A bizarre TikTok filter that looks like a woman running has gone viral

A bizarre but hilarious “running woman” filter on TikTok is going viral

TikTok is a bastion of absurdity. Memes, dances and trends run wild on the platform. Now it appears TikTok is eager to encourage such behavior from its users with the Versailles Run effect. The new filter allows you to superimpose your face onto an animated woman running through Versailles. Sure, that totally makes sense and serves a clear purpose. 

What is the Versailles Run filter on TikTok?

As showcased by @tamzintaber, the filter allows you to seamlessly place your face onto a CGI animated woman fiercely running through Versailles. The woman absolutely speeds through staircases, corridors and halls. 

It certainly can add some comedic effect as @tamzintaber captioned her Versailles Run with, “Me on my way to tell my friend the secret I promised not to tell anyone.” 

A great feature of the filter is that it follows you at different angles as you move, so every video is a little bit different.

Some examples of the Versailles Run filter on TikTok

The filter doesn’t exactly adjust for various skin tones or sizes, making it seem all the more ridiculous. 

Like in @giofilmedthis’s video where he ran “away while my friend tells my crush I like them.” 

A glitch revealed that he was actually running in place while shooting the video.

“People really get in character with this filter,” someone commented

“LMFAO. The glitch,” another said

“That one kid in the hallways as soon as the bell rang,” @its.tmariee wrote. 

The glitchy filter created another iconic moment when it showed her flapping her arms while laying in bed. 

“When the filter stopped,” a user said

“When the filter kept going in and out I died,” a person wrote.

How to use the Versailles Run filter on TikTok

  1. Open TikTok
  2. Tap the Discover tab and type in “Versailles Run.” 
  3. Tap the filter at the top of the screen
  4. Hit record and create your video

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