YouTubers are ranking their favorite things with ‘tier lists’ — here’s how they work

YouTubers are ranking their favorite things for fun. Tier lists have become a popular pastime where people rate their beloved TV shows, video games, animals and pretty much anything else. 

Rankings can be great conversation starters because they are fairly subjective and are bound to cause differences in opinion. Here’s how tier lists work. 

What does ‘s tier’ mean?

The concept of the “s tier” comes from video game tier lists. Players and publications typically rank characters from most powerful to least. Instead of ranking each character individually, they are placed in tiers, with each tier ranging in general powerfulness. For gamers, there is none higher than the “s tier.” In some cases, the “s” may stand for “superb” or “super.” Thus, you can expect any character in the “s tier” to be covetable. 

Making tier lists of things other than video game characters is now a YouTube trend

YouTuber Julia Cudney ranked teen dramas. She placed Gossip Girl in the “s tier” and The Secret Life of an American Teenager in the lowest tier. Some of the other shows she ranked were 13 Reasons Why, 90210 and Dance Academy.

Casey Aonso had a bit of a darker take and ranked influencer scams. Her tiers were a bit different the “s tier”‘ became “incoming jail era” and the lowest tier “no effort just vibes.” In between (from lowest to highest) there was “multi-level marketing babe tease,” “manage your expectations” and “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss.” Some of the scams included were Morphe brushes, Kenza Cosmetics, Tana Mongeau and Hype House. The “s tier” was reserved for influencers who promote the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

YouTuber Kaytlyn Jackson ranked Cartoon Network shows. She placed Young Justice, Looney Tunes, Titans, Infinity Train, OK K.O! and Mao Mao in the “s tier.” 

The channel TierZoo ranked birds. The “s tier” was reserved for corvids for their high intelligence, secretary birds for their hunting abilities and parrots for their dexterity.

How to make your own tier list

To make your own tier visit There are two ways to make your own tier. 

The first way:

1. Search from the premade templates which range from categories like animals and vegetables to music and video games. 

2. Once your category is selected, drag and drop the characters or icons into each of your preferred tiers. 

The second way: 

1. If you cannot find a premade template, select “Make Your Own Template.” 

2. Fill in the information like “Name of Template,” “Category” and “Description” with the necessary details.

3. Choose a cover photo from your camera roll.

4. Upload images of the things you wish to rank. 

5. Label each tier with a name or letter. 

6. Once your tier template is generated, drag and drop the photos to suit your rankings. 

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