Stay-at-home mom dispels myth that being a ‘housewife is now a desirable career’ in hilarious video

A stay-at-home mother is dispelling any ideas about her job being easy. 

TikTok mom Em Woods noticed a recent trend where people are making the lives of homemakers seem glamorous. She attributed it to influencer culture misrepresenting what the lifestyle is actually like.

“It’s so weird to have something so romanticized. It must be Instagram — it’s fake! It’s fake!” Woods declared

She decided to push back on the idea using a bit of humor. Woods revealed what being a stay-at-home mom is really like in a hilarious video.

“It has come to my attention that being a stay-at-home mom and housewife is now a desirable career, so I just want to make sure everybody knows what it’s like to do that,” Woods said

The mom then rattled off 10 lengthy titles of possible memoirs that reflect her experience of motherhood. The list included the titles: 

  • “Who peed in the trash can… and other questions about unidentified fluid.”
  • “Is my butthole twitching, or is it just anxiety? How your body changes when you grow humans from scratch… and push them out in a gush of fluid while you’re naked on a table in front of four strangers, and then your husband has the nerve to say, ‘Please don’t were my T-shirts to bed’ six months later.”
  • “My name is Janine. The alter ego I’ve created to parent my children when I can’t take their s*** anymore.”
  • “Are we having anything else for dinner, or is this it? The time I didn’t slap the taste out of my children’s mouths because I am a saint.”
  • “What have you even done today? The time I almost un-alived my husband, but I didn’t.”

“I would definitely read this memoir and wait in line for a signed copy,” a user wrote

“Buried Alive: A Real Life story about a mom’s Struggle with Laundry and Dishes,” another joked. 

“I lived this life so yes I would read them aloud to my therapist if I had one,” a TikToker said

“I stayed home with my kids, who are now in their 20’s. Your titles are spot on,” a person commented

“I love all of these and absolutely cannot choose as they are all 100% accurate,” someone added

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