Stay-at-home mom is blown away when husband accuses her of ‘never cleaning’ the house: ‘Go on strike immediately’

A hardworking stay-at-home mom was infuriated when her husband made a shocking accusation, and angry Redditors are suggesting she go on strike in retaliation.

Posted to the subreddit r/BreakingMom, the post received over 250 upvotes and nearly 50 comments.

Now, much like the husband who devastated his wife when he proposed making her little sister their surrogate in the “traditional” way, her partner’s disrespectful remarks are enraging people around the globe.

Her post begins, “I clean EVERYDAY. Literally. Every single GD day, I clean our home top to bottom once everyone goes to sleep. … From sweeping, laundry, mopping, sanitizing, organizing toys etc. I get it done.”

According to the mom, she takes great pride in keeping her house clean, especially with a 1-year-old and 3-month-old to take care of. So when her husband went on an angry cleaning spree, she didn’t know what to think.

“So today, my husband decides it’ll be the one time of year he’ll clean. From the time he woke up till this afternoon, he cleaned our house bottom to top,” she wrote. “This sounds great right? But no. He stomped around the house while angrily cleaning. I could tell he was upset with me. Once he finished cleaning he went on a tangent about how I never clean and how he has to do everything around the house. He says that all I do is tidy the house not clean.”

She continued, “I clean everyday. And take care of the children. And take care of all the grocery/food/menu/cooking. I schedule play dates, doctor appointments. I did all the work to get our little one into this fancy-smancy preschool. I potty train. I’m the only one changing diapers. I clean the house every GD day!

“I know there’s much bigger problems in the world but damn that stung. It’s so defeating. I gave up my career to have our children and become a stay at home mom. I don’t think I realized just how challenging being a SAHM would be. It literally feels like I can never do anything right.

“He cleans the house ONE time and now he says I never clean. Geez. He even took himself out to eat while I stayed home and watched the kids. He didn’t even offer to bring me anything home to eat.

“I clean everyday.”

“I’m honestly sick to death with men not realizing how much we do…”

Redditors were enraged by the husband’s behavior and remarks.

“Wow, he sucks a**! My husband changed his tune real quick when I told him every. Single. Thing. I did. Every day, as soon as he got home from work,” one Redditor replied. “Or maybe he needs to find out the punchline from that old joke about how the husband thinks the wife does nothing all day, and one day he comes home to an absolute disaster: food all over the floor, kids only in diapers, muddy dog prints all over the kitchen, piles of laundry all over the couch, sink filled to the brim with dirty dishes. He says, ‘What the Hell happened in here?’ She says. ‘You know all of the work I ‘don’t do’ all day? Today I didn’t do it.'”

“I vote for doing what the lady in the TikTok did and wear a GoPro and then show your husband the next day what you do every single day,” another user suggested.

“Aaaannnnddd I would go on strike immediately. You think I don’t clean? You want [to] treat me poorly because you cleaned once? Fine. ZERO cleaning. And I mean zero. Kids make a mess? Daddy will handle it, I never clean. No more clean clothes? Guess dad needs to do them because ‘I never clean,'” wrote another user.

“I’m honestly sick to death with men not realizing how much we do and how f****** exhausting it is carrying the physical and mental load for the whole family. They just don’t get it,” another user commented.

Hopefully the original poster’s husband comes to his senses and starts appreciating all the hard work his wife does — or else he might find himself mentioned in another popular subreddit: r/Divorce.

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