This TikToker’s ‘huge mouth’ has helped her amass hundreds of thousands of followers

People accumulate huge followings on TikTok for all kinds of reasons. Some of the big names on TikTok — like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae — are known for their dance skills. Other users like Duke Depp — aka “Hot Willy Wonka” — are known for their elaborate cosplay. And then there’s Samantha Ramsdell, the singer/comedian who has become TikTok’s latest fascination thanks to, well, her huge mouth.

Ramsdell, a 30-year-old Connecticut resident, didn’t plan on using her big mouth to gain followers. But the more comedy and singing videos she made on TikTok, the more questions she got about her “huge mouth.”

“It started when I was making comedy videos,” Ramsdell explained to In The Know. “A lot of my facial expressions I use highlight my huge mouth so I’d get always questions about it. One feature on TikTok lets you make video responses so I’d make funny responses to questions. A lot of people would comment ‘What’s wrong with her mouth?’ or ‘Do you have a condition that makes you have a big mouth?’ So I’d play along.”


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With 800 million active monthly TikTok users worldwide, it can prove difficult to stand out as a content creator. Therefore, when people started to pay attention to Ramsdell and her huge mouth, she saw it as an opportunity to grow her platform and build up an audience.

“It started growing like crazy so I ran with it,” she explained. “I think it really helps set me apart from the hundreds of thousands of other creators trying to do the same thing.”

With perhaps one of the biggest mouths in the world — Ramsdell’s mouth is 3.5 inches wide and almost 4 inches tall, which may be bigger than that of the current world record holder — the TikToker is used to trolls and hurtful hate comments. At first, she was “offended” by these comments — but now, with more than 787,000 followers, the haters are just background noise.

“It is a little frustrating sometimes because I wish I could also be known for my singing and comedy videos, but any press is good press!” Ramsdell said. “Also I learned long ago that people making mean comments says way more about them than me. Hurt people hurt people.”

Ramsdell hasn’t forgotten why she created her account in the first place. She still posts plenty of musical TikToks and comedy sketches for her fans, and she even believes that her massive muzzle makes her a better performer, as many popular performers like Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Alanis Morrisette boast similarly oversized mouths.


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“I do think my big mouth goes hand in hand with singing and comedy,” Ramsdell said. “Some of the funniest comedians use their mouths to make hilarious expressions (like Jim Carey for example) and same with singing.”

Eventually, Ramsdell’s dream is to be a professional singer and comedian — though during Covid times, she admits that she’s “not sure what that exactly looks like.” For the time being, the massive-mouthed entertainer plans to keep “riding the wave and just keep putting out as much content as possible and see what happens.”

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